Great Expectations

July 11, 2020

Great Expectations

In the novel, “Great Expectations,” by Charles Dickens, the main character, Pip, is an orhaned boy raised by his domineering sister and her kind husband.  The story is primarily about his expectations of life that are broken down into a cycle of how he experiences the world, going from poverty to riches, with continous trials throughout.

We all had our own great expectations for this year of 2020.  We were expecting a strong economy, with continued job opportunities, expanding industries, and commercial and retail growth.  We expected to see a positive increase in our savings accounts, stocks and retirement portfolios.  We also expected the real estate market to stay strong with increased property values and more cash buyers to entice sellers to list their homes.

AND THEN . . . .  all expectations were crushed by one unprecedented event.  Like Pip, too many have now experienced the economic devastation and poverty that follows.  But just like Pip, we can have great expectations that the future holds positive solutions and go forward expecting the best.

You can buy or sell a house NOW.  We can assist you safely with many precautions in place.  You can be pre-approved for a mortgage with interest rates at near all-time lows and lock-in rates up to 90 days.  You can shop from the comfort and safety of your own home with photos, videos and virtual tours to narrow down those properties that interest you.  WHIPPET PROPERTIES OF FLORIDA is ready to make it happen!  Have great expectations that this year will rebound abundantly.  We can “whip” up a great property for you!

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We “Whip It” Good

You Can Trust Whippet Properties

We work as a team and assist each other in any way necessary to assure that every transaction is handled properly. Because we are a small company, we offer exceptional customer service and can be reached for any problems or concerns.

We don’t succeed as individuals but by working together towards a common goal. We win when you do!


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