Smart Home Features

August 11, 2020

Smart Home Features

Smart Home

We recently moved to a new Tampa townhome that has many smart home features which we love. So, I wanted to share that the ultimate smart home can be done on a budget if you know what kind of technology to look for.

We have the Ring video doorbell, owned by Amazon, and the technology is amazing, especially when you are away from home and someone comes to the door. Not only can you see the person, but you can talk to them, even if you are out of town or state. This helps with package deliveries or any unexpected guests.

We have an app on our smart phones that connects to our thermostat and garage door. Have you ever left home and thought, “Did I shut the garage door? Did I turn down the thermostat?” Well, now that can be taken care of from your phone!

Another smart phone app takes care of security: both the alarm system, cameras, and front door locks. No need to worry whether or not you locked the door or set the alarm. Do it from your phone!

Pay attention to local ads for good deals on smart home gadgets. Look for sales at Best Buy, Target and Home Depot, as well as Amazon.

When a new version of a product becomes available, manufacturers will discount the remaining inventory of the previous model. While you won’t have the latest and greatest features, the core functionality is the same and you can get a great reduced price.

Knowing what is available in smart home technology adds value to anyone selling a home. Many buyers are now familiar with smart home features and love to find a home that already has them. With the holidays fast approaching, be watching for special deals that will not only give you a “smart home” but be a very positive upgrade to add to your home’s features.

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