The Wolf at the Door

October 7, 2020

The Wolf at the Door


Who’s afraid of the “big bad wolf?”  We all are.   Because sooner or later he seems to be scratching at everyone’s door. 

We often think that having money in the bank, in the stock market, or having solid real estate investments are assurance that we are secure for our future.  But there are few today who do not feel the hot breath of the wolf breathing down their necks.  This pandemic has changed thousands of lives, not to mention all the natural disasters of 2020.  

Some of the current wolf’s activities include:  a sudden loss of job that puts a mortgage in jeopardy; a family business that goes under due to the covid-19 crisis; an elderly parent who is forced to turn over his house to pay for long term medical care; a roof that needs replaced; an old car that has finally died; a beloved pet who needs veterinary care . . . . . an endless list of daily financial stresses due to the unprecedented times we are struggling through.  And we are all struggling in various ways.

However, poverty is always experienced in the soul before it is felt in the wallet.  We can live well despite our bank accounts by not running scared when the wolf arrives, and by not giving in to fears that would blow our house down.  We can outsmart the wolf by concentrating on the good at hand.  We can use the resources and experiences we have to maybe change courses and keep the wolf from sniffing at the door.  We can live with happiness and grace if we rely on our own innate sense of what we must do to adjust the current situation.  Change can be a good thing, as well as attitude!

In the meantime, enjoy some quiet time with a good book and a glass of wine; really look at that beautiful sunrise or sunset; re-new a loving relationship with one that has been lost; be very thankful for good health.  The good life does not depend on extravagant indulgences.  If a list is made of what or who we are thankful for that money cannot buy, we will be amazed at how rich we really are!  

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