The Magic Bank Account

February 3, 2021

The Magic Bank Account

Magic Money

This was sent to me by a friend and I think with all that is going on in our lives right now, it is important to pass on:

Imagine you had won the following prize in a contest:  Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your personal account for your use.  However, this prize has special rules:

  1. Everything you do not spend during each day would be removed from the account.
  2. You cannot transfer money into any other account, you may only spend it.
  3. Each new day the bank adds the $86,400 for just that day.
  4. The bank can end the game without warning at any time and close the account.

What would you personally do?

Would you buy anything you wanted, not only for yourself, but for all of your family and friends?  Even for strangers, because you needed to spend it all in one day, right?  You would try to use it all, because you knew it would be replenished again in the morning.

Well, this game is actually REAL.  Each of us is already a winner of this prize, called TIME.  

  1. Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life and when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is not credited to us, it is lost.
  2. Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any time without warning!  

So, what will you do with your 86,400 seconds each day?  Time races by so fast and we can never get back the time that is lost.

So, be happy, love deeply and enjoy life!  START SPENDING!!  

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