5G and Real Estate

July 21, 2021

5G and Real Estate

5g Wireless

We hear a lot about 5G, so named because it’s the fifth generation of cellular technology.  The massive use of technology for both work and pleasure as well as streaming video demand requires a major step up in bandwidth and speed.  

In real estate, 5G paves the way for more and higher-tech home tours, smarter smart homes, and better-connected remote offices.  The pandemic has accelerated the push for faster and more reliable technology as reliance grows for work, school and health care.  5G will be the enabler of the next generation and will infuse every facet of our lives as every industry will be able to innovate with it.  

5G will allow home thermostats, security monitors and lightbulbs to be connected for concurrent monitoring.  In the commercial sector, 5G may allow for instant monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems in their buildings.

More programs and documents from servers with the cloud will be accessed faster and save much time for realtors when managing multiple transactions. Buyers could swap out furnishings in a home and design features in 3D as they view homes using a headset of smartphone, being able to view spaces virtually.  People who work from home will be able to purchase farther away from the cities, while still having instant access to the internet and needed technology.  Wider acceptance of self-driving cars could influence home searches by allowing buyers to perform other tasks while their car drives them to work.  

As the “space age” and world of technology continues to change constantly, it will become crucial to stay connected and that need is only going to grow bigger.  5G will truly change how we live and how we work.  

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