Save When Selling

July 28, 2021

Save When Selling

Packing Up

Selling a home can be nerve-wracking and stressful to say the least.  It is probably the largest personal investment for most people and it can be expensive to make the home ready to go on the market.  But there are some ways to cut down on not only expenses, but also “surprises” that a home inspection might uncover.

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Home staging is simply making a home as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.  It doesn’t take a professional to make sure floors, walls, windows and appliances are all pristine and cleaned; and furnishings can be removed, replaced, or put in storage to open up spaces and declutter areas.   

A pre-sale inspection can save money and lots of potential stress.  If you wait until the buyer’s inspection, any problems could mean either a price reduction or a list of repairs.  Discovering problems ahead of time allows you to perform repairs at your own pace instead of having them done in a panic.  It is also a great marketing advantage letting buyers make offers with confidence.

A fresh coat of paint can make a home look warmer, cleaner and brighter and can be done inexpensively.   Choose colors carefully and opt for softer colors or an off-white or cream that is not harsh.  Painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls makes the ceilings seem higher, which makes the entire room seem larger.

Worn or stained carpets make a huge negative impression on prospective buyers.   But a lot of small stains can be cured by a thorough professional cleaning.  Even if carpets still look good, they might have some faint odors so a deep cleaning with a steam cleaner will make them smell fresh.

A new roof can be the single most expensive home repair of all, but if there are any roof issues, it is better to deal with them before the home is put on the market. If it is just a matter of some missing shingles, it can be an easy fix.  But if there are roof leaks that have caused any stains or other problems, a new roof may be needed.  This will be a plus for any future home buyer, knowing they will not have to worry about this big expense for many years.  

A one-year home warranty can also be offered to any prospective buyers which will cover the roof, appliances, electrical or plumbing issues, and many other items depending on the policy.  However, if there is already a repair issue, this would not be the way to go.   For any guidance or advice when thinking of selling, be sure to contact us at Whippet Properties of Florida.  We have a list of vendors we can recommend to help you!   

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