Probate Details

January 18, 2022

Probate Details

Probate Real Estate Details

Many people don’t understand what probate is, why it is necessary or what the procedures are.  Basically, someone owned real estate, they died, and in order for the rightful heirs to have title to the real estate to sell or transfer, the heirs have to go through a formal court process with an attorney to officially transfer title.  

There are many reasons or situations that require a probate process. If a decedent has left a will, it will name an executor. But if the decedent died intestate, an administrator will be appointed by the court to act as the personal representative and an attorney will be selected who specializes in this field.  

The attorney will file the will (if there is one), identifies the property and assets, determines any claims, assesses taxes owed, provides for the evaluation of the property and ultimately distributes the property and assets to the heirs.  

I have now completed training as a Certified Probate Real Estate Advisor (CPREA) to assist any personal representatives in preparing and listing probate property and successfully completing the process.  

I offer personal services necessary to assure a smooth transaction and coordinate with the PR, attorney, buyer and lender throughout the entire procedure.  I have a list of professional service providers who can assist with the removal of personal belongings, plumbing or electrical issues, painting or any other small jobs or repairs needed to prepare the property for sale.

So, if you or someone you know is in need of a realtor who knows all the steps in probate real estate, please contact me.   I would be honored to represent you or them!

We have an entire page dedicated to Probate Real Estate. Hop on over to learn more!

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