Just a Small Town Pennsylvania Girl

February 8, 2022

Just a Small Town Pennsylvania Girl

Pennsylvania And Us Flags

I was born in a little town that everyone knows thanks to Groundhog Day’s Phil:  Punxsutawney.  I didn’t live there, however.   Shortly after I was born, we moved to another near-by small town called Reynoldsville, where everyone knew who you were, no one locked their doors and neighbors chatted from front porches.  I remember riding bikes all over town, saving glass “pop” bottles to cash in for penny candy, and going to 25 cent movies within walking distance.  We had our own known treasures such as the “tickle belly bridge” and The Blue Angel dance hall for teenagers.  We saw such teen idols as Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Paul Anka in our tiny little town. But my quiet little life was upended on my 11th birthday, when my brother of 16 years was killed in a tragic car accident with another teen.  My older brother and sister were soon graduating from high school and getting married, so instead of the four of us, I became an only child in a matter of months.   My life as I knew it was over, with many challenges ahead, but I never gave up. 

As a 20-year old newlywed, I moved to Indiana, PA (home of Jimmy Stewart and Indiana University of PA) since my new husband (also from Reynoldsville) was a civil engineer for Penn DOT.  This would be my home for the next 32 years, as our two children were born there and we became very active in the community.  After our son and daughter were both in school, I began working at a local bank and worked my way up from a part-time clerical position to branch manager and ultimately an Assistant Vice-President.  There were many difficulties along the way:  both of our children were in a serious car accident; I had a large tumor removed and other surgeries; my husband had three major heart attacks, then quadruple open heart by-pass surgery.  But I never gave in, gave up or quit.

After our children both graduated from Penn State University (yes, our whole family is Penn State proud), they both found positions at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, a place I wanted to live for many years.  So, we followed to the Disney area, settling in a manufactured home community called Vista Del Lago.  I was hired as a sales representative for Palm Harbor homes, selling brand new homes on leased land, where both my son and daughter decided to live.  I loved the homes so much and the unique community on a lake, we decided to build one ourselves to be completed within 6 months of our arrival.  I thought we had left all the bad times behind, but two weeks after we moved into our brand new home, we were faced with the news of my husband having terminal cancer.  Just 22 months after we left Pennsylvania, all of our friends and support system, my partner of 32 years passed away.  It was a crushing blow but I was determined to go forward and never give in.

While working at Vista Del Lago, I had met a great friend who helped me through this traumatic time, with encouragement and support.   I have no doubt this person was destined to be my “rock” and guidance, put in my life to erase much of the pain.   I married him almost 20 years ago.  We both earned our real estate licenses, have worked together all these years, and have had a beautiful life with our combined families, full of love, fun, travels and new experiences.  And though I don’t know what the future holds, I know I have the strength to face whatever comes because this small-town Pennsylvania girl has already gone a long way.   I have accomplished more goals than I ever thought possible and am proud to now have my very own Real Estate Brokerage.   I hope to train, mentor and lead all my agents to great success and I hope you will trust us to represent you!  Together, we will “whip it good!”

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