Preventing Fraud

April 12, 2022

Preventing Fraud

Preventing Fraud

The pain of rising expenses in gas, groceries, utilities and the uncertainty of the  economy in general has introduced new scam artists who are becoming more creative in using fraud for their own benefit.    A recent article in AARP magazine listed some simple ways we can all protect ourselves from becoming a victim.  

  1. Make sure your wallet has the bare essentials, like a driver’s license, one debit or credit card or whatever is needed for the day or trip.  Never keep a social security card or any other cards that give identity and keep as little as possible in the wallet in case it is stolen.
  2. Add cell phone login protections.  Make sure you have a passcode, facial ID or finger scan enabled on your phone in case it is lost.
  3. Review your credit report.  You can have access to a free credit report from all three agencies every year (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) Make sure no one has opened credit in your name and look for any errors.
  4. Add two-factor authentication to online accounts.  Websites are offering this service more and send a code to your phone to access the site.  So, even if scammers have hacked your account knowing your password, they still cannot get in.
  5. Refresh Facebook security.  Find Settings & Privacy and complete the Privacy Checkup.  You can lock your profile so only your friends can see it.
  6. Always be suspicious of anyone calling who say they are from the IRS, Social Security, the Police and are giving you any kind of a threat. They don’t make such phone calls.  And never give personal information or credit card details to those you don’t know.

Being aware and vigilant about protecting your identity is critical in the world of technology we now live in.  We must be proactive in preventing as much fraud as possible.  

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