Making it Work

There are lots of issues that can arise in any real estate contract from financing to appraisals to inspections.  An experienced realtor will look for creative ways to keep a sale moving forward, which helps both buyers and sellers as well as the agent who has put valuable time into the transaction.  

Barbara And Gracie
Barbara And Gracie

With 23 years of real estate experience, we have offered our clients assistance in various ways:

  1. We have paid for a home warranty to the buyer
  2. We have co-ordinated and paid for some repairs needed after a home inspection
  3. We have helped sellers with the removal or sale of furnishings that a buyer does not want
  4. We have helped stage a home and purchased necessary items such as towels, or small decorations to create a welcome appearance
  5. We have assisted with yard maintenance to create the best curb appeal
  6. We have provided our services of cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing to make the home inviting
  7. We have lowered our commission to make sellers and buyers agree on a sales price
  8. We have paid cash back from our commissions at closing to buyers or sellers to make a contract work  

Not all realtors are willing to go above and beyond for their customers.  Not all are willing to give up hard-earned commissions to make a sale work.   Not all are committed to the utmost satisfaction of their buyers or sellers to make all parties happy with the sale.  But WE ARE!  We will do whatever it takes to make it worand ensure that our buyers and sellers have a satisfactory and successful transaction and experience.  Size does not matter in a real estate company.   It is the personal touch that matters most.  And we give that!  

Barbara Meeting

We “Whip It” Good

You Can Trust Whippet Properties

We work as a team and assist each other in any way necessary to assure that every transaction is handled properly. Because we are a small company, we offer exceptional customer service and can be reached for any problems or concerns.

We don’t succeed as individuals but by working together towards a common goal. We win when you do!


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