Living in Fear


With everything going on in the world, it is no wonder so many have severe anxiety and are living in fear. I talk to so many who are living this way.  We may be in fear of our financial situation, our families, our safety, our health.  We are surrounded by negativity both in the news and in real life and every day brings more of it in various ways.  There is no escaping the reality of what is happening in our own country as well as all the others.  But we do have a choice as to how we react to it all.

I have many fears of my own and I have decided that making some positive choices was the only way to deal with them.  Norman Vincent Peal once said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”  That is not an easy thing to do but with determination and consistency, it is very possible.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peal

The words you think or say to yourself, whether good or bad, will create that very life for you.  I have realized this by reading some “self-talk” motivational books and I am amazed at how true this is.  Every negative thought begins to shut you down while positive feedback to yourself lifts you up.

We cannot change the events that come our way, but we can adjust our thought processes and how we deal with them.  We have all lived through so much trauma and tragedy in just the past two years and now face extreme uncertainty with our economy and serious world issues.

Personally, I choose to have hope, trust and faith that all will work out while I go forward looking for the joy in all the wonderful things I have in my life. This is not “burying my head in the sand,” but rather taking each day and finding something positive to enjoy.  It refreshes the mind, keeps one healthier and makes life a lot easier to manage.  

We don’t need to live in fear… unless we choose to do so.  

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