Adding Green Adds Value

August 2, 2022

Adding Green Adds Value

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There’s no question that landscaping elements like trees, flowers and shrubs add a lot of visual appeal to a home, but did you know that their absence affects what a home is worth? Poor landscaping can actually decrease property value by as much as 30%!

Landscaping provides potential buyers with a first impression of the home and when they observe a neglected lawn or a home without any additional curb appeal, potential buyers immediately get the idea that the home was not well-maintained. They set a value on the home that is not as high as if they view a neat, clean and well landscaped property.

Add a tree

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Oranges work well.

Trees can add to a home’s value by as much as 15% and there are many good choices for Florida properties: banana, citrus, mahogany, live oak, crape myrtle, magnolia, maple and slash pine are all Florida-friendly trees. The reason trees can increase property values is the aesthetic charm they add to a home and the natural beauty of a tree can be especially powerful when it distinguishes one property from others. The location of where a tree is planted can provide needed shade, privacy or even noise protection. During the hot summer months, trees are a natural cooling system, providing shade. In the winter months when trees lose leaves, the sunlight will filter through to help warm the home.

Today’s homebuyer expects the home they purchase to be move-in ready and prefers not to have to do any work, especially landscaping. An added value is an outdoor entertaining area surrounded by lush greenery and flowers, such as an outdoor kitchen. With more homeowners working from home, more are also using outdoor spaces to enjoy family and friends. So don’t overlook the landscaping elements that will add value and bring you a better sales price!

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