If Walls Could Talk . . . .

August 23, 2022

If Walls Could Talk . . . .

Bedroom Wall

Be creatively different

. . . . . they might say they wanted to be beautiful, unique or creatively different.  And with the variety of designs and choice of materials today, it is quite easy to make a wall in any room stand out.

Of course, the easiest and least expensive way to change a wall is to paint or have an “accent” wall.  This is done by choosing a solid wall, not broken up with doors or windows, and painting it a color different from the rest of the room, but one that coordinates with the primary room color.   That wall can also be framed in several ways with painted boards to accent any other decorative pictures or designs.  The frame can be in different sizes and shapes.

Wallpaper is making a come-back and there are many modern designs that can make a room look unique, such as fake brick or stone, three dimensional squares, or even floral paper that matches pillows or curtains and other décor. 

A wide variety of options

It is easy to search for wall decorating options and many stores and online vendors carry the necessary tools to help make fun and creative projects.  Begin with choosing a primary color scheme and furniture design.  Then decide which wall covering would enhance the room best.   It also depends on the size and dimensions of the room, as well as the length of the wall for the project. 

Even craft stores offer a wide selection of stencil projects that can dramatically change the looks of either one wall or an entire room!  All of these do-it-yourself projects can easily be done by even a beginner in design and decoration.   So, all it takes is some creativity and imagination.  Then let your walls “talk” to everyone who enters.  WE can help you find just the right wall creation to add value to your home!

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