Dedicated Senior Medical Center

September 6, 2022

Dedicated Senior Medical Center

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A fairly new concept in medical care for patients age 55 and over is beginning to take hold in many states as a ChenMed Care Service, initiated by Dr. Gorden Chen.  Their approach is much different since they actually want to see their patients on a regular basis, whether due to illness or in good health. 

The Difference

Most primary care doctors have you sitting in a waiting room longer than you want, then you spend less time with them than you need, and they have you run to various locations for tests and medications.  At the Dedicated Senior Medical Center, they have everything at the facility to make your visits easy and stress free:  specialists, medications, acupuncture and on-site testing.  Their goal is to keep you healthy and out of the emergency room or hospital. 

Their doctors see 80 percent fewer patients than most primary care doctors so this gives them plenty of time to get to know you, your medical history and what is important to keep you healthy.  That’s why they schedule a monthly appointment whether or not you need one.  It gives the doctor and patient time to discuss concerns, offer guidance and develop a personal relationship. 

Other Care Services

There are convenient options to see your doctor.  They have telehealth which allows visits from your own home by video or phone.  You can have a same day appointment if needed or just walk in right away for a specific need.  And they offer door-to-doctor transportation for those who have none.  You even get the cell phone number of your assigned doctor for any emergencies! 

For anyone age 55 or older this is a wonderful place for primary health care.  And CARE they do!  Here is what their team of professionals promote:

C = we help coordinate your care

A = we are accessible and available to keep  you heathy

R = we are reachable and responsive when you have needs

E = we are here to examine and evaluate your health 

My husband and I are both currently patients of a local Dedicated Senior Medical Center in Tampa and we hope you will give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed! 

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