Use Facebook In A Move

September 13, 2022

Use Facebook In A Move

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Most of us use some form of social media, including those over age 55.  Getting ready to move and settling into a new home can be stressful and time consuming with so many steps to take and attention to detail.  But using social media before, during and after your relocation can make the transition much easier.  The following three ideas will help you coordinate the move into that new residence and make the process less frustrating.

Connect With Your New Community

Does your new neighborhood have a Facebook group?  Perhaps your new location has a page for residents or an online social network.  Joining Facebook groups that connect you with your new community members is a way to make new contacts and stay informed of local events.

Find Vendors on Facebook

If you are moving to a brand new area, you may need referrals for local technicians and professionals.  Facebook is a great tool to research local businesses because it provides not only the contact information but reviews written by their clients.  Posting to ask for recommendations on community pages can also be a great source of suggestions on who to hire as your next plumber, dentist, maintenance person, hair dresser, etc.

Try Facebook Marketplace

The change to a new home often means trying to get rid of current furnishings and sometimes items are too valuable to sell in a garage or yard sale.  Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell and buy used household items with others in your immediate market area and gives you a chance to earn money on those furniture pieces no longer needed. 

I have personally used Facebook to help in my own relocation to Tampa a few years ago.  I joined the neighborhood Facebook group and met many of my new neighbors that way; they helped give recommendations for vendors that saved me much time and effort; and we did use Facebook Marketplace to sell some items we no longer needed and with great success.  Use social media to your advantage when making a move to a different city or neighborhood.  It will make the transition easier! 

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