September 20, 2022


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We are all facing higher prices with inflation and the cost of living is squeezing our wallets.  Many would-be buyers are now in a holding position due to prices and interest rates and sellers are unsure whether to wait for a better economy, worried that this is not the right time to sell.  And yet through it all, we are often told to be content with what we have.  So, just what is contentment really?

Five Attributes

First of all, there are five attributes of contentment:  satisfaction, lack of envy, humility, discipline and abhorrence of greed and corruption.  When we view that list, we can see how difficult it is to be “content” in today’s environment.  We try very hard to stay positive and enjoy all the many blessings we have but that little bit of jealousy creeps in when friends or family have a bigger house, better income, more success, better health, or actually better “anything.”  We are trained to be competitive at an early age and that carries over to our lifestyle in many ways.  There is lack of discipline and humility in our fast-paced demanding society and that often leads to the greed and corruption.  It is the door that opens to lack of contentment because how do we measure what is “enough” and when?

Common Effects

Going further, there are effects of the lack of contentment.  Not only can it lead to corruption, greed and envy, but it leads to cheating, theft and even more serious crimes.  Every day we hear of prominent, successful people who seem to have everything and yet fall victim to not only dissatisfaction and unhappiness, but severe depression which can even lead to suicide.    

Cultivating Contentment

We can lead a happier, more content life which then leads to unmistakable freedom.  Here are some tips to find contentment that will last:

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Stop and smell the flowers
  1. Pause . . .  to reflect why you are unhappy
  2. Stop buying things not really needed by impulsive shopping
  3. Show people they are appreciated
  4. Practice gratitude daily
  5. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life that don’t cost money
  6. Live in the moment; don’t worry about the future
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others; you are unique!
  8. Help others by volunteering with non-profit organizations
  9. Take control of your attitude
  10. Be content with what you have

Stop and smell the flowers

There will always be tough times, both personal and professional, but we can all learn to be content with the life we have because every day is a gift and we never know when will be our last.  Go out and breathe, take a long walk and love life.  No matter what problem is facing us, “this too shall pass!”

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