Florida Trails

October 18, 2022

Florida Trails

Florida Hiking Trails

Located Throughout The State

We always think of walking trails as being in the northern or western parts of the U.S, but I recently discovered that there are endless walking trails in the state of Florida, located in the north, central and southern parts of the state.  Some of these trails include canoeing, picnic areas and bicycle trails, but all have scenic trails to walk.

Northern Florida

If you want some great trails in the panhandle of Florida, try a section of the Florida National Scenic Trail called Blackwater River State Forest, located northeast of Pensacola.  There are massive red clay bluffs providing grand views of white beaches and large sandbars as well as plenty of wildlife.  Going east towards Jacksonville is Little Talbot Island State Park, an untouched barrier island that offers age-old dunes, secluded beaches, and generous wildlife viewing. It’s a four-mile trail through a mature forest before meeting the dunes to hear the surf. 

Southern Florida

For a sub-tropical adventure, visit Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, approximately 25 miles north of West Palm Beach.  You will discover a secret World War II training camp, learn the story of the shipwrecked Quaker merchant who’s the park’s namesake, and explore the home of trapper and fur trader Trapper Nelson of Loxahatchee.  You will also see beautiful pink orchids and find a short boardwalk which leads to an observation tower. 

Central Florida

Located south of Orlando, Lake Kissimmee State Park follows the shores of Kissimmee, with history demonstrations of the first Florida cow hunters in an 1876 -era cow camp.  There are 13 miles of trails that take you through pine flatwoods and freshwater marshland, which is home to white-tailed deer, bobcat and wild pigs.  Mere minutes from the city of Tampa are several fantastic state parks, one being the Upper Tampa Bay Conservation Park.   This area is on the tip of Tampa Bay with several remarkable walking trails, some beautiful picnic areas and the opportunity to canoe around the bay.  You never know what kind of wildlife you will run into here, and the beauty that surrounds the park is spectacular. 

Endless Opportunities

These are just a few of the massive list of state parks and walking trails available in the state of Florida.  Depending on your location and the desire to explore outdoors, there are various opportunities to enjoy a natural environment that will take you to peaceful and tranquil surroundings, so take the time to enjoy all that this state has to offer.


I am fortunate to be discovering some of these incredible hiking trails thanks to participating in a private coaching group, called “Follow Your Trail” led by Julie Fox, where you learn to explore yourself along these trails in the Tampa area and become a better person through the experience.  Contact me at 407-491-3816 for further information about this exceptional program! 

Some information courtesy of All Trails and Florida Hiking Adventures.

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