Game Night For Entertainment

December 13, 2022

Game Night For Entertainment


We are all busy getting ready for the holiday season and with that comes lots of expenses and the stress of sticking to a budget.  So, why not create a “game night” for adults the way most people chose to entertain in the past. 

Monthly Games

When my children were small, it was difficult to find a babysitter and sometimes even more difficult to have the extra money to pay for one so that we could go out for the evening to enjoy dinner or a movie.  We decided to invite family, friends or neighbors to a “game night” and we would plan this on a monthly basis.  We would alternate homes with light refreshments and either play board games or a game of cards, offering some small prize for the winner.  The entire evening would not cost more than $10 to $20 and it was such a fun time. 

Age of Technology

Now in the age of technology we have less family time and less actual socialization with family and friends.  More time is now spent on computers and there is less personal interaction and more “individual” entertainment.  It is difficult to have a conversation even at a dinner table IF a family is lucky enough to all be gathered together there!  The cell phones come out, the video games are being played and the attention is not on conversations but on a technical screen of some sort. 

Back to Basics

Times have definitely changed but with inflation and increased expenses, maybe going “back to basics” is a great idea.  This holiday season, think about getting out those old board games or a deck of cards and create some special memories by gathering up the family for a night of fun and laughter.  It will be an experience remembered by all and it is truly “priceless!” 

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