What Happened To The Human Connection?

December 27, 2022

What Happened To The Human Connection?

I Have Been Transferred 5 Times!

There once was a time when you could call a company, department store or large corporation and a real person would answer the phone.  There was no menu of choices, no recorded messages, no transferring to various departments and no virtual assistant (or robot) to chat with you.  When you called concerning a problem or just in need of information, you were greeted with a courteous operator or customer service representative who would happily help you solve the issue of concern. 

Bigger, But Not Better

We seem to think that “bigger is better” and “size matters” but in reality, by growing our companies so large, the human factor has been eliminated to save costs and there goes the customer service as well.  Even in real estate, both customers and real estate agents believe they need to be affiliated with a large real estate franchise in order to offer the best service.   But many of the companies who have a prominent or national name don’t offer personal or prompt attention to issues.  And agents who put their license with a large franchise often get “lost in the shuffle” when it comes to individual mentoring and training, or not being able to contact their broker with a problem if on a weekend or holiday.   

Small Businesses Add Human Touch

So where is the human connection still possible?  In the small businesses who rely on repeat customers and referrals.  A small business will go above and beyond to attract and keep you as a customer and will offer creative solutions to any serious problems that might arise.  You actually talk to a real person; you are not transferred to different departments and you will have excellent customer service because their business success depends on it.  A small privately owned business wants to make you happy, wants you to refer your friends and wants you to know you are important.  There are lots of small, family -owned businesses who will add that human connection to your experience.

Small Real Estate Companies

Likewise, a small privately owned real estate company with years of experience will give you the opportunity to enjoy a personal connection, with agents who will answer phone calls, be available and promptly get answers to any questions or concerns.  Their broker is available on weekends and holidays to assist where needed and will help make your transaction close smoothly and with as little stress as possible. 

Are you missing that human connection when dealing with companies?  Then give local small businesses a chance to prove they may not be “bigger” but they certainly can be “better!”  WE are a small privately owned real estate company who offers prompt and professional customer service. Give US a try!

Barbara Meeting

We “Whip It” Good

You Can Trust Whippet Properties

We work as a team and assist each other in any way necessary to assure that every transaction is handled properly. Because we are a small company, we offer exceptional customer service and can be reached for any problems or concerns.

We don’t succeed as individuals but by working together towards a common goal. We win when you do!


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