Do It Yourself Jobs NOT To Do Yourself

January 10, 2023

Do It Yourself Jobs NOT To Do Yourself


Don’t Do These Without A Professional

Home inspectors are seeing a surge in DIY projects that homeowners have completed to save money and bypass sometimes overbooked licensed contractors.  With an array of online tutorials and more time spent at home, many homeowners are choosing to do the work themselves, but some of these projects can bring up red flags when attempting to sell a home.  Home inspectors can easily spot the work of an amateur versus a professional.  Here are some areas where professional skills are highly recommended:

  • ELECTRICAL WORK:  Inspectors can spot overloaded circuit boxes, wires left exposed or the wrong wires being used, and improper junction boxes.  Faulty wiring can cause shorts that lead to house fires. Homeowners who do their own electrical work may have failed to get the necessary permits, approvals from municipalities that shows a job was done to code.  Failing to get permits can not only result in fines but also hold up the sale of the home.
  • PLUMBING:  Plumbing that is wrongly installed or repaired can cause significant damage such as flooding and eventual wood rot and mold growth.  Homeowners may be tempted to change a faucet or update an appliance like a dishwasher.   But one wrong connection can lead to costly damage and if a dishwasher is not properly hooked up, it can cause serious flooding in a kitchen. 
  • ROOFING AND DECKS:  Deck installations are often improperly attached to the house or have loose, insecure handrails, both of which pose safety concerns.  As for a roof, professionals take extra precautions to stay safe on a roof while making repairs and they will likely guarantee their work if a problem arises afterwards.  Roof leaks or missing shingles should always be handled by a professional. 
  • LANDSCAPE GRADING:  Inspectors may spot puddles of water around the home’s foundation.  When a house is built, the yard is graded so that water will flow away from the home.  But the homeowner may not have properly maintained the grading or changed it in some way.  This can cause water to rush around the foundation and lead to structural damage.  Also, gutters should be directing water away from the foundation.   

To avoid problems or inspection issues when putting your home on the market for sale, be sure to use professional licensed contractors when planning a major home project.  The “little things” might be great for a “do it yourself” activity, but leave those major changes to a professional.   The Whippet Properties of Florida team has a list of professional contractors that can assist in any home remodeling or renovations.  Let us know how we can help!

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