“Spring” Into Organization

February 21, 2023

“Spring” Into Organization

Cleaning Closets

Taking time to organize a home not only increase’s its appeal for yourself but also for any buyers if you decide to sell.  We usually do some “spring cleaning” in March or April, but seldom think of getting the closets, drawers, or garage cleaned out or organized.  Here are some tips to help you get on the right track.

Organizing Tips

Decide what’s working in your home and what is not.  Take stock of how items are organized and what spaces feel overwhelming or inconvenient.  Go room by room and evaluate closets and drawers.  What needs to be changed if anything?

After evaluating your current system, come up with a new plan. Gid rid of items you no longer need or have space to keep.  The fewer things you have, the less time and space you will need to keep them in good condition.  After decluttering, organize items using bins, shelves, racks or other systems for separation.  The objects used most should be within easy access.

Separate Items

When getting rid of “things” or clothing, toss any duplicate items.  No one needs two of the same thing.  Sort items into four piles:  one to keep, one to donate, one to throw away and one for valuables to appraise or sell.  Break up tasks and start small.  Either tackle an entire closet or storage area, or sort through a pile of clothes and use the four pile system. 

Professional Services

There are actually professional organizers who will do these jobs for you and depending on how involved you want them to be will depend on the price charged.  We have people we can refer you to for such services, so reach out to us if you need for further details. 

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