Technology and Seniors

February 7, 2023

Technology and Seniors

Grandkids Can Help

There is little doubt that technology adoption and use is on the rise among mature adults.  Over the course of their careers, Baby Boomers went from analog to digital as computers, smartphones, and handheld devices became essential business tools.  But many older adults that are retired now tend to adopt technologies that offer a benefit and disregard those that don’t. 

Keeping Up With The Times

Older adults have kept up nicely with technology and use smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets almost as much as the younger generation.  They surf the net, keep in touch by email and texting, comparison shop, get news and information, use social media sites, and even get driving directions.  For “snowbirds” who are constantly on the go, email or social media helps them keep in touch with family and friends. 

Help From Family Members

Many seniors have children or grandchildren who help with guidance and training on which device is most important to use or which will benefit them the most.  A study on mature adults and technology revealed that those older than age 79 don’t use smartphones nearly as much, but using a tablet continues to grow regardless of the age, since they help with playing games and watching videos, providing hours of entertainment.  Social media participation is higher among those age 50-69 but those older adults who do participate in social media prefer Facebook and YouTube to the other platforms.

No matter what age, technology is here to stay and will continue to change rapidly.  Staying up to date on the latest devices will become more difficult with time as senior generations move into the 80s and 90s age groups.    

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