Credit Card Calamity

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Inflation, an unstable economy, higher food prices, layoffs, high home prices and rent increases:  all of this has led to a great surge in using credit cards.  Many people, both young and old, are relying on plastic lines of credit so they can make ends meet and get monthly bills paid. 

Interest Rates

As if that isn’t bad enough, the interest rates on credit cards have also been raised bringing many of them close to 20% which is the highest they have been in decades.  For those families making the minimum payments allowed, it will take many years, if not more decades, to get them paid off!  The struggle is real and is not going away any time soon. 

Debt Elimination is Available

However, there IS a software program that can help anyone in a stressful debt situation and people just don’t know about it.  This debt elimination program not only will manage credit card debt, but also car loans, mortgages, student loans or any other kind of installment debt. 

This special program has thousands of algorithms that can target specific debt or calculate the fastest route to zero debt through significant savings in interest payments.  There are enhanced calculations to pay down debt with a comprehensive budgeting system and software settings that allow changes as to how aggressively you want to pay down debt and build wealth.  It is the newest GPS system to financial freedom.

And no, you are not on your own!  With this program comes personalized coaching and helpful client support so you have someone to answer questions and guide you through your personal budgeting system on your own dashboard.  You will also have this system permanently once you have access so that future debt can be added and budgeted as well. 

Yes, there is a fee just like for a bank mortgage, home equity loan or loan consolidation.  But fees can be rolled into the debt balances in most cases so that transactions are in one place and added to the existing debt structure. 

Please contact Barbara at 407-491-3816 or Email: if you are interested in a FREE analysis of your debt situation or you have further questions.  Visit for more information.  Take control of your wealth, and WHIP THAT DEBT!

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