Affordable Housing Law in Florida

April 4, 2023

Affordable Housing Law in Florida

Prices Too High

It is no secret that housing prices in Florida (and across the nation) have reached levels that are no longer affordable for many first-time homebuyers or even those wanting to sell and move to another location within the state.

Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill known as the “Live Local Act,” a comprehensive, statewide workforce housing strategy designed to increase the availability of attainable housing options for Florida employees who seek to live in the communities where they work.

This bill is expected to expedite construction of more affordable units, fund housing efforts by more than $1 billion, expand tax exemptions for developers, and broaden zoning requirements. 

While it is impossible to provide housing for everyone, right now the state of Florida is in a housing crisis.  There are too many residents that make too much money to qualify for the programs currently available and they make too little to afford a place to purchase to live. 

The Florida Realtors Association has totally backed this bill and acknowledges that too many hard-working Floridians need help to afford a home right now.  This bill will help tackle the problem in many ways and will make the dream of homeownership possible for more Florida residents and will also lower the cost of rents throughout the state, which are also out of control.   Hopefully, more buyers will help the stalled market we are currently experiencing.

Some of this article is courtesy of WRE News Exclusive by Leora Ruzin

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