The Only Financial GPS!

May 9, 2023

The Only Financial GPS!

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We hear every day of people struggling with monthly payments on debt, either due to the current market with inflation, interest rates, or mismanagement of funds by not being on a budget.  Credit card debt is escalating rapidly and mortgages are now being extended up to 40 years!  How will anyone ever be OUT of debt?

WE have a navigation system for your finances.  It tells you the shortest, most effective way to get to your financial destination.  It “recalculates” based on any financial budget changes in real time on a daily basis, just like a GPS.

The system is a web based software program that uses the same strategies as a bank, but these algorithms are programed to pay down interest FIRST, which in turn helps build wealth.  Every time a payment is made, the program analyzes strategies to find the best possible way to cancel interest.  What might take 30 to 40 years to pay off can be reduced to under 15 or 20! 

The key concepts of “Whip That Debt” are specifically interest cancellation, strategic payoff to the EXACT date, time value of money and personal coaching and education.  Learn more on

 And if you are not in need of such a product but would like to earn additional income, a referral fee of $200 will be paid to anyone who refers a qualified person to me who successfully closes on this software program.   It’s a win for everyone!  So, contact me for additional information  at or TEXT to 407-491-3816 and let’s help people get out of debt NOW! 

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We work as a team and assist each other in any way necessary to assure that every transaction is handled properly. Because we are a small company, we offer exceptional customer service and can be reached for any problems or concerns.

We don’t succeed as individuals but by working together towards a common goal. We win when you do!


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