Do You Read It?

June 27, 2023

Do You Read It?

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I have been writing a weekly blog for the past several years and I do have a fan base who does read it on a regular basis.  I try to incorporate information that pertains to real estate, local news, articles on lifestyle, personal thoughts or even something fun that others would like to know about, such as new venues or restaurants, new entertainment or other areas. 

I would hope that some of the information I have posted in the past has been beneficial to someone or that various articles have given good details or education in certain areas.  If there are some topics that have not been covered, I would encourage feedback on what readers would like to see.  

I am now going to conduct a fun “contest” to see who really does read and enjoy my blog posts.  It is very important for me to increase traffic to my website in general and my weekly blog posts are one of the ways I can do that.  So, if you ARE reading this post, please send me an email to:  and let me know that you have read this one and hopefully others!  I will need your name and city/town where you live to put you into a drawing for an e-gift card in the amount of $50.00 to a restaurant located in your area.  Since I post every Tuesday, I will draw the winner on Monday evening, July 3rd and post the name on my Tuesday, July 4th post!  What a way to celebrate the holiday, right? 

If this is successful, I will periodically add a “contest” at the end of a blog post without announcing it in the future.  As one of my “fans” you might reap some rewards! 

For those who do read my posts regularly, I truly thank you for your support and encouragement. 

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