Something On The Side

June 20, 2023

Something On The Side

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With inflation and prices rising in every direction, many are searching for opportunities to become an entrepreneur in a second business.  What we call a “side hustle” is more common than not and I am finding that having two jobs or businesses is quite common in the current economy. 

 Real estate has always had its seasons of up and down markets and one never knows from one year to the next how financially successful that year will be.  So, even after 25 years of success in real estate, I find that having a profitable side business is a wise choice, especially one that is solid and will never be affected or influenced by outside markets or the economy.

I am the proud owner of an Unfranchise Business, also known as a Product Brokerage Company which has 12 separate divisions in which a person can choose to specialize.  One of the divisions is Financial and is what I am promoting through my Debt Elimination Program which is featured on my website,   I can help people save thousands in interest, pay off debt in record time and in doing so can build wealth through the interest saved with a phenomenal software program created with specific algorithms. 

But in addition to this division, there are many more:  health and wellness products, weight loss programs and meal plans, an upscale jewelry line, an upscale skin care and make up line, an online shopping platform, products for pet care, automobile care, home cleaning and laundry care, baby products, men’s skin care products, an online fitness program with a personal trainer called 54D, concentrating on diet, exercise and training to become fit in 54 days.  This company has a website division for those wanting to concentrate in technology and find the best product for small or medium businesses.  We even have a division for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program through the government where we can guide small businesses on how to file and qualify for this grant. 

There are so many various ways to earn additional income and focus on creating future ongoing income, using leverage to build personal wealth.  If you are tired of competition and want to be part of a team of professionals who help each other succeed, then this business is for you. 

Reach out to me for further information and a chance to see for yourself how this business can work for you.  It is the best decision I have ever made!  

Text Barbara at 407-491-3816 or email: 

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