August 1, 2023


Packing Up

When planning for a move, it can be stressful or complex if you simply load your things into boxes and hope for the best.  Here are some great packing best practices that should make for a much smoother move and the hope that all your belongings survive intact!

  1. Declutter.  Do this well before the big day!  If you have any items or clothing you don’t need or want anymore, now is the time to set them aside, donate or dispose of them.
  2. Assemble your packing materials.  You don’t want to realize you have run out of boxes or tape midway through packing up the kitchen items.  In addition to boxes, make sure you have packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, newspapers or other materials handy.
  3.  Pack one room at a time.  Not only is this more time efficient, but it will also make the process of unpacking much easier.
  4. Allow enough time for disassembly.  Remember that you will have to unhook electrical appliances, take nails out of the walls and remove lightbulbs from lamps.  You may also need to disassemble large pieces of furniture, like your bed frame or bookshelves.
  5. Consider leaving clothing in drawers and on hangers.  If your dresser drawers are full of non-breakable clothing, why not leave these items where they are?  Secure the drawers in place with tape or straps so that they don’t slide open or fall out in transit.  You can also leave clothing on hangers.
  6. Label everything.  Label each box in detail as you pack it.  Write each item that is in that box.
  7. Save the essentials until last.  These are items you will want to use while moving out and moving in, as well as things you don’t want to take any chances with.
  8. Make sure to rent the right size truck.  It’s easy to underestimate how much space your belongings will take up so err on the side of “too big.”  This is especially important if you are moving a long distance.
  9. Do not forget to include appropriate equipment.  Plan to use moving blankets or furniture pads to protect non-boxed items and straps to secure large items so they won’t shift in transit.  Do not forget items like hand trucks, dollies and ramps.
  10. Remember to have all utilities disconnected for the moving day, then get a good night’s sleep.  The night before a move can be stressful with so many last-minute things going through your mind.  If you used a check list throughout the moving process, all should be in order and a good night’s sleep will make the move go much smoother.

This list is courtesy of Florida Realtor’s Magazine article, August 2023

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