Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

December 19, 2023

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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We are close to the end of another year.  With that, we are aging but the fact is that everybody’s doing it.  We’re all moving into the future at exactly the same rate. 

 With time passing quicker every year, just learn to be your lovely self, inside and out.  While you are here, you might as well be as useful as possible by taking your talents and gifts and offering them to others.  Not necessarily for something in return, but as a “pay it forward” for the best inward satisfaction.   It isn’t really the cost, but “attention” that matters.

So many are hurting right now, some physically, emotionally or financially.  To reach out to others in need would be the very best Christmas gift anyone could receive and there are so many ways to do this.  It doesn’t take much money, only time given away freely.

Take cookies or flowers to a neighbor or someone you know is lonely.  Offer to drive someone to look at Christmas lights and holiday displays.  Make a phone call or have a conversation with someone who needs moral support.  Send a hand-written note to someone who needs to know another person cares about them.  And as far as family . . . . put those cell phones away on Christmas day and truly pay attention to each other!

There are so many ways to reach out this holiday season and the only cost is TIME.  Look into that mirror on the wall and deep inside yourself to think of a person or family member you can cheer with the gift of your time.  It will not only make your Christmas much brighter, but theirs as well.  You will be sure to see a smile in that mirror!

Merry Christmas to you all.

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