Do You Need A Realtor?

January 16, 2024

Do You Need A Realtor?

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Some people think buying a home is easy since they can shop online, find something they like and then just sign some papers.  But not so fast!  Here are just some of the things a realtor helps with:

Realtors Help You Get Started:

  • Realtors educate clients on the home buying process and coordinate a plan.  They understand your budget and explain what will be needed financially.
  • They search the local MLS to find the best matches and arrange tours of homes and neighborhoods.
  • They handle negotiations to get the best price and terms.

Realtors Help You Achieve Homeownership:

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  • Realtors coordinate professional home inspections, consultations with lenders and necessary property assessments.
  • They navigate state and federal forms and follow important contract deadlines.
  • A realtor will research mortgage rates, terms and reputable lenders and will coordinate with them.
  • They work with necessary parties to ensure all contractual terms are completed by closing and will advocate for the buyer throughout the entire process. 
  • Realtors provide guidance for walk throughs prior to closing to ensure property condition and they review the buyer’s closing statement to ensure accuracy.
  • A realtor will make sure all required actions are complete in advance, including the transfer of all utilities, so that closing day is a celebration, rather than a stressful situation. 
  • There are many more steps that a realtor will complete for you, from the date of contract to closing!

And most importantly, a good realtor will remain a lifelong friend and trusted advisor.  So don’t do it alone.  Buying a home is not as simple as you think!

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