Older Generations Are Still Working

January 9, 2024

Older Generations Are Still Working

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More Americans are pursuing careers long past the typical retirement age, a shift that comes as the oldest baby boomers hit their late 70s and as better health among adults allows them to extend their working lives.  They are aware they have more years and time to fill.

There has definitely been a shift in views about retirement, with some people wanting to work past 65 due to professional goals.  Others need to continue to work due to insufficient retirement savings.  And still others simply love the work they do and don’t want to give it up.  People enjoy the social interaction that comes from their job and they want to contribute to the community or the industry.

There are a few commonalities between people over 75 who are continuing to work and the first unifying characteristic is good health, including good health of the spouse or those with whom the worker is responsible.  Second, people with college degrees are more likely to work into their 70s and beyond.  Because of that, older workers tend to be professionals in industries such as education, management or artistic fields.  But up to one-quarter of those in this age range are self-employed or entrepreneurs. 

Even the gig jobs like Uber drivers or Door Dash are very popular among this age group and this can add to Social Security benefits or help maintain a higher standard of living.  About 1 in 5 older workers believe they will never retire as long as their health permits them to continue. 

Getting older while working means taking time for things that were never noticed when younger and it gives some time to seek out new opportunities that use your skills or to develop new ones! 

As for me personally, at age 75 I am active as the Broker of my own real estate company, the Broker of Record for a Property Management Company, and an Unfranchise Owner where I promote a Debt Elimination Program as well as exceptional products for good health.  Maybe that’s one good reason I am still going strong;  want to join me as an entrepreneur? 

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