Post Pandemic Home Trends

February 6, 2024

Post Pandemic Home Trends

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During the height of the Covid Pandemic, there was a mad race for more space.  Everyone seemed to want a larger house on land where they could spread out, set up a home office or gym, and safely entertain in outdoor areas.  But now homeowners are wanting to create some smaller living spaces full of color and texture.

Because mortgage rates and home prices have escalated, larger homes have become too expensive for many buyers.   Builders are responding to this situation, trying to keep prices down by creating smaller, more affordable homes which eliminate all of the functions which aren’t absolutely essential. 

Changes People Want

People no longer want the big open spaces they once did.  Instead, they are looking for smaller, but smarter home designs.  A “flex” room is now a must-have amenity which can be used as a multipurpose space, whatever the occupants choose.  For instance, you can do a home office with a Murphy bed instead of needing a separate guest room. 

Open floor plans were the rage in previous years.  However, after families spent time isolating in their homes together, more of them are now seeking solitary spaces, like a den or office with a door.   Some are using living room dividers or partition walls to create temporary separation to add privacy.  Some builders and contractors are creating “pocket offices” wherever they can fit them.

Home gyms have fallen by the wayside where space comes at a premium.  People have preferred to return to gyms and group fitness classes where they can be with others. 

Homebuyers still want to have large outdoor entertainment areas.  Homes are receiving more glass sliding doors, larger windows and screens to let in more light and outside views.  Outdoor kitchens are still big, large patios with fireplaces or fire pits are popular and luxury landscaping is a must.  Yards have become additional living spaces where vegetable gardens soar in popularity and places to relax are more important.  People still want to escape from their homes to their outdoor areas. 

So, the most important new home trends are smaller homes and larger outdoor living spaces.  Even with a small yard area, so much can be done to change it into a private outdoor haven and retreat from the rest of the world. 

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