Why Sell “AS IS?”

March 19, 2024

Why Sell “AS IS?”

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Making repairs and funding updates are rarely steps sellers look forward to when facing a sale and preparing a home for the market requires time, money and emotional energy.  Choosing to sell “AS IS” can include fewer buyers and smaller profits.  But there are many advantages to choosing this option and here are some of the reasons that sellers prefer this type of listing:

  • In any situation where there is a time crunch and the residence requires some work to be move-in ready, selling AS IS can lead to a faster sale, although at a reduced price.
  • If a client has lived in the same home for a long time, there is a good chance the property will require repairs or updates and the seller may not have the financial resources to do so.
  • Selling AS IS can minimize the emotional load for families who need to sell due to the loss of a loved one; making any kind of changes to a cherished family home stirs up stress and anxiety.
  • If a home is inherited, there may be an unfamiliar history so this kind of listing will limit the seller’s liability and offer invaluable legal protection. 
  • If the home has been owned for decades and it is free and clear of any liens, losing a few thousand dollars may not seem like a huge deal compared to the large sum they can accrue at closing.
  • By choosing to list AS IS, the seller is prioritizing convenience over profit.  But a home inspector should still be consulted to understand the potential expense that would be incurred if repairs were to be done. 

By working with a realtor, home inspector and real estate attorney, a seller will fully understand the benefits or risks involved in the AS IS sale.  If buyers are not willing to accept the property AS IS, then negotiations or adjustments will need to be made.

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