Category: Home Improvement


Spring Projects

Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

With spring comes thoughts of remodeling or renovating a home, especially now with so many homeowners making the...

May 2, 2023
3 minutes


Cleaning Closets

“Spring” Into Organization

Taking time to organize a home not only increase’s its appeal for yourself but also for any buyers if you decide to...

February 21, 2023
4 minutes



Do It Yourself Jobs NOT To Do Yourself

Don’t Do These Without A Professional Home inspectors are seeing a surge in DIY projects that homeowners have...

January 10, 2023
5 minutes


Sun Power

Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

A Tradeoff Many of the advantages and disadvantages of installing solar panels seem to present a tradeoff. Solar panel...

October 11, 2022
7 minutes


Bedroom Wall

If Walls Could Talk . . . .

Be creatively different . . . . . they might say they wanted to be beautiful, unique or creatively different.  And...

August 23, 2022
4 minutes


Luxury Landscape Design Tropical Garden Beautiful View Tropical Landscape (1)

Adding Green Adds Value

There’s no question that landscaping elements like trees, flowers and shrubs add a lot of visual appeal to a...

August 2, 2022
4 minutes


Expert Home Improvement

Don’t Do It Yourself!

Some projects are safe to do yourself, but others are best left for professionals for safety...

June 28, 2022
1 minute



New or Old Appliances?

When listing a home for sale, there are several items that are important to be updated: the roof, the AC unit and the...

May 24, 2022
2 minutes


Quick Home Fixes

Quick Home Fixes

Since more people are choosing to remain in their homes for more years than usual instead of selling, different rooms...

April 5, 2022
3 minutes