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Exceptional Home in Bonita Springs

            What a spectacular location! And A FREE golf cart included!  Welcome to the 4th fairway at...

May 28, 2024
3 minutes


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A Gental Tide, Not A Tsunami

The phrase of a “Silver Tsunami” has been tossed around recently and it refers to the idea that a lot of baby...

May 14, 2024
3 minutes


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Why Sell “AS IS?”

Making repairs and funding updates are rarely steps sellers look forward to when facing a sale and preparing a home for...

March 19, 2024
4 minutes


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March 12, 2024
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New Construction The Right Option?

Buying a house under construction is a more viable option now than it has been in the recent past.  That’s...

March 5, 2024
5 minutes


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Real Estate Investing

Real estate is often a desirable choice for investing because of its potential to add income to a financial...

February 13, 2024
5 minutes


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Post Pandemic Home Trends

During the height of the Covid Pandemic, there was a mad race for more space.  Everyone seemed to want a larger...

February 6, 2024
5 minutes