Buying a home can be stressful, but with a little planning and the right realtor, it can be very enjoyable. WE supply buyers with a road map of the entire process listed here with our “9 steps to buying a home:”

Step 1: Get Ready to Purchase

In today’s market it is extremely important to have a pre-qualification letter or proof of funds “in hand” before starting a home search. You need to know an affordable price range and sellers need to know you are a serious buyer. Once you know your budget, you can make a list of items that are “needs” or “wants” and zero in on the locations.

Step 2: Hire an Experienced Realtor

This is where WE can help, with over 23 years of residential real estate experience, including vacation homes, condos and townhomes, and senior communities. We also know professional and reputable lenders who can assist in finding the perfect loan product for your individual financial situation.

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Step 3: Begin Looking for That Dream Home

We will start searching available homes on the market that meet your needs and criteria. You can eliminate those that do not appeal to you and we will set up appointments for those that do. When touring a home, it is common for buyers to amend their wish list as some wants become needs and vice versa. We will continue to search until that special home is found.

Looking to Build?

If you’re looking to build your next home, search new home construction.

Step 4: Know Your Market Area

A realtor’s knowledge of the area housing market is a MUST and our staff has lived and worked in the areas of Orlando and Tampa for many years. We know what communities are good and the ones that are not.

Step 5: Find that Dream Home

When you find it, we will promptly write an offer that will be made to fit your needs and we will educate you on all the necessary documents and disclosures, as well as real estate “terms” such as escrow deposit, so that you fully understand what you are signing and your commitment.

Step 6: Negotiations

Not all sellers will accept an initial offer and sometimes the price is negotiated to compromise on both sides. In a “hot” market an escalation clause is sometimes used to become the “highest bidder” when multiple offers are expected. It takes an experienced realtor to negotiate well for a buyer, getting you the best possible contract accepted.

Step 7: Financing

Once pre-approved, your lender only needs a copy of the contract and details about the community and they can begin the loan process to assure that you can close on the home in a timely manner. All contracts work off a closing date and every effort is made to accommodate that date but if necessary, the closing date can be extended if sellers agree in writing to have that changed.

Step 8: Close on Your Home

Your lender will send you an estimate of closing costs a few days after your application and a closing settlement statement will be prepared for review several days before closing. We will also review the statement for accuracy and question any discrepancies. The closing will most likely take place at a title company, chosen by the seller and a date will be set that agrees with all parties involved.

Step 9: Move In!

Congratulations on your new home! ENJOY IT and if you need anything at all, please contact our team, or your personal Whippet realtor for assistance. We have enjoyed this journey with you!

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