Frequently Asked Questions

Can you show homes that are listed with other agents?

Absolutely! The multiple listing service allows for all agents and real estate companies to cooperate and share each other’s listings.

As a buyer, do I pay a commission?

NO! The seller pays agents a commission, so there is no cost to have complete representation to you.

Why is it important to have the representation of a realtor or real estate agent?

There are many various disclosures that need to be included with a real estate contract to help protect both sellers and buyers from potential harmful issues. A realtor knows which disclosures to use depending on the specifics of the contract.

Can I cancel a contract if I change my mind?

When using the FAR-BAR “AS IS” contract approved by the Florida Realtors and Florida Bar, there is an inspection period determined by the buyer(s). It is during this period (usually 7 to 15 days) that a buyer may cancel at his/her discretion.

Why is an HOA important?

A Homeowners Association (HOA) helps to keep a community uniform and well maintained, enforcing rules and regulations for all the residents to follow, thereby assuring that homes there will retain fair market value.

Do we need to be present to close on a home?

NO. Many real estate transactions are closed through electronic signatures and overnight mail carriers so being present at closing is an option.

Do we need to be pre-approved with a lender before viewing homes?

Most agents will require a pre-approval letter or proof of funds before searching homes and setting up appointments. This is the only sure way of knowing the proper price range to begin looking and also lets the seller(s) know you are serious buyers.

What does a contingency mean in a contract?

There can be various contingencies in a contract: a need to sell another home; acceptance based on an appraisal; financing approval; acceptance based on inspections; HOA approval.

Is a home inspection important?

YES. It is during a home inspection that any problems or issues with the house will be found, whether minor or major. A seller does not always know the condition of a roof or AC unit and everything must be in working order and acceptable to the buyers in order to move forward.

What is the value of having a home warranty?

A home warranty is added protection for one year covering most aspects of the home, such as appliances, roof, AC unit, electric, plumbing, pool equipment, hot water heater and more. There is a minimal fee for service but the initial cost of the warranty can save thousands in needed repairs.

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